Mario 63 HTML5 Game Review

Mario 63 html5 is a 2D Super Mario fan game that takes sprites from various games in the series and mixes it into one big adventure. It is an incredibly fun game with obvious care put into it.

The only problem I have with the game is that the physics are sometimes a little too unrealistic. For example, Mario will bounce comically when he gets hit by enemies.


Mario 63 is an unblocked game for chrome and other modern browsers. Embark on a new adventure with Mario and help him to rescue the princess from Bowser. Move him around using the arrow keys and jump with Z. Discover power stars and other secrets as you play.

The gameplay in mario 63 html5 is very similar to that of other super mario games. The controls are very responsive and the graphics are well-done. The game is also very easy to pick up and play. However, the floatiness of the character makes it difficult to use for certain types of platforming.

The game was developed by Runouw, a team consisting of twins Robert and Steven Hewitt. They have been uploading games, videos and sprite-art under the name Runouw for over a decade. They specialize in 2D games that are heavily inspired by the Super Mario series. SM63 is no exception, with many levels being direct remakes of levels in Super Mario 64, and others featuring improvised themes and gameplay elements.


The graphics in Super Mario 63 are crisp and colorful. They are reminiscent of Nintendo’s 3D games, but they have a 2D feel that makes them more agile. This game is a must-play for any Mario fan.

Super Mario 63 is a fan-made platform game that combines elements from several other Super Mario titles. It features a detailed storyline, the ability to play as Luigi, and a level designer with sharable codes. It also has three different FLUDD power-ups, and 64 Shine Sprites and Star Coins to collect.

The game is available to play online in Chrome and other modern browsers. Use the arrow keys to move Mario and the Z key to jump. Earn power stars as you navigate through diverse areas filled with adversaries and riddles.


This game is an unauthorized 2D flash remake of the original Nintendo Super Mario games, created by Runouw. It incorporates the characters, enemies and story line from all of the Mario games into a single title that is unique in its own right.

Despite the overwhelming amount of borrowed elements, the game is still able to pull off a sense of adventure and intrigue that makes it more than just a mishmash of recycled Mario games. The inclusion of the FLUDD power-up and Shine Sprites add to the game’s appeal, and there is even a story mode that will keep gamers playing for at least as long as a regular Super Mario game.

This is one of the most popular games on SheezyArt, and it has received excellent reviews across all portals. It is available for free download on Newgrounds, but it’s best not to play it elsewhere because many versions have been taken without permission and are often incomplete.


The arrow keys are used to move Mario around the world. Z, X and C let him attack with spin attacks, ground pound and Fludd respectively. The Shift key lets you switch between the three power-ups and pause the game.

This is one of the better Mario 64 fan games, and it’s even got a level editor! While many features in this game are based upon Super Mario 64 and other Nintendo games, it also boasts some completely original ones such as a well-rounded storyline, the ability to play as Luigi, a highly-customizable Level Designer with sharable codes, and more.

Although the physics could be improved to feel more like a traditional 2D platformer, it’s still an enjoyable experience. Hopefully, the developer will tweak these elements in a future update. This game is a must-play for any Mario 64 fan. It’s an underrated gem that’s well worth checking out. Enjoy!

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